What is Copy & Coffee?

A copywriting studio based in Bologna, Italy. We help brands and creatives tell their stories and get the “yes” from prospects through wow-you-read-my-mind copy and content. Because there's no other salesperson that can work 24/7 for you.

Where in the World Are We?

We're living la dolce vita in Italy, but work with clients all over the world. It doesn't matter if we're neighbours or live on different continents, the work will get done. By "la dolce vita" we mean we drink a lot of coffee while we write a lot of copy, of course.

When Did It All Start?

You might think of this coffee cake – that’s us – as fresh out of the oven, since we opened our virtual doors in 2021. But, with 7+ years of experience working in the creative industries in London, one could say it was in 2015. We’re definitely saying that.

Why Are We Here?

We love copy that’s impactful, informative and fun... so we thought we’d make our own! We were also thinking of helping you find your voice, telling stories that align with your brand vision, and getting more traffic to your website, if we’re honest. 

Who’s Behind Copy & Coffee?

My name is Anca and I am a writer, journalist & content marketer. I have a Bachelor’s in Journalism & Media Studies and a Master’s in Marketing from the University of Portsmouth, and 7+ years of experience. Keep scrolling to find out more!

How Can We Help You?

First, we brew a pot of coffee. Next, we put on some comfy pants. Finally, we combine a lot of research, branding & storytelling, and take care of your copy for you. Sound good? Awesome. In that case – why not get in touch and grab a virtual coffee soon? It's on us! ✉️

Hi, I’m Anca

I’m the face behind Copy & Coffee, so I thought I’d introduce myself and my office assistant, Dora the Dachshund. I can’t tell you what Dora does because, well, she doesn’t really do much, but I can tell you a little bit about me.

Long story short, I am a freelance writer with a background in journalism and content marketing. On a more personal note, I am Romanian + British and I lived and worked in London until 2021. Then I moved to Bologna and started Copy & Coffee.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Media Studies and a Master’s in Marketing from the University of Portsmouth in the UK, and a diverse background resulting from experience in several different industries, including trade and academic publishing, travel, health and fitness, and SaaS

Here‘s my LinkedIn profile, if you’d like to connect! 👋🏻



The Website Package

Got a new website – well done, you!

It’s just that now you’d rather do the actual work than write the copy…

We get it. And we promise we’re not offended!

But here’s the thing: your website is super important.

It’s your shop window and welcome mat combined.

Hey, why not let us take over and make it all readable and friendly – just like you?

And, while we’re there, we can help out with your email marketing, too.

Time to bring out your personality and level up your business!

The Content Package

Good news spread fast. So does good content. 

And we’re here to write it for you. (But only if you want us to. Otherwise we won’t.)

Because we know what you’re going through. 

Writing blog posts takes time, and maybe you’ll do it next weekend… How about we do it, instead?

We’ll help you engage with your audience using regular content – that finally goes out on time!

And you won’t spend your Saturday writing blog posts.

You’ll be free to go enjoy… whatever you’d rather be doing instead!

The Campaign Package

Ah, here’s our favourite one. Wait, yours too?

Creative copywriting may be fun – but easy? Heh.

Do you need some help creating convincing copy for a marketing campaign?

Because we love crafting a good ad, landing / sales page, and accompanying copy for social feeds!

We’ll put on our thinking cap and get creative & strategic in a minute!* 

 You want a high-converting campaign, we know. 

And we’ll write the best copy for you!

* Depending on when the coffee kicks in.

The Social Package

Keeping a social media account up-to-date? Pfft!

Social media is our favourite thing, but we know it’s not all fun and games and reels.

It’s also a lot of work – such as coming up with creative content ideas (fun!)

Sure, it’s fun, but let’s be honest – sometimes it can be really, really draining.

We can help you with taking the first steps towards your social media strategy.

Setting your content goals, deciding on content pillars, creating a calendar, and…

… actual content writing! Yes, we’ll do that one for you too.

  • Anca was a pleasure to work with. She is a great writer, very diligent, and a great communicator. I would recommend her services to anyone.
  • "Anca’s appealing mixed background in journalism and marketing makes her a well-equipped writer for any kind of writing project.
    Whether she writes an informative evergreen piece, or creates copy that sells, or dives deep into producing a great news story, Anca can make it all gripping and entertaining.
    She’s skilled and creative and passionate about her craft. I highly recommend her for any copywriting and content marketing related project. She delivers according to the needs you didn’t even know you might have and more."
    Anca Dumitru
    123 Form Builder
  • "Anca knows her way around words. Give her any topic and she'll make you nod, even if you're not even remotely connected to that topic.
    She approaches every project with balance, creativity, and confidence, and you're instantly assured that she's going to deliver excellent work, which she always does.
    Anca has a joyful and kind presence. She always has a great story, a compassionate observation, and a valuable insight for anyone she's working with. She inspired me while we worked together at 123 Form Builder and continues to do so through her writing.
    If you're looking for a versatile and talented copywriter, Anca can definitely help you step up your content game!"
    Constanța Horneț
    123 Form Builder
  • "Anca is ridiculously creative and smart.
    No, really, she is.
    She can whip up creativity in the dullest of topics and do it with such elegance that it makes you wonder if she's even human or some sort of linguistic demi-goddess.
    She's also kind, funny, committed, and she truly understands the value of what she has to offer to a company, as well as the value of inbound marketing, well-chosen words, and good directions coming together for a smooth result.
    I am 100% certain Anca will do great going onwards, as she has all the skills and personality characteristics needed to make it. Go, go, Anca! I'm rooting for you (and definitely stalking your work too!)"
    Octavia Drexler
    123 Form Builder
  • "Anca is the incredibly creative content marketer that everyone wants to work with. I would characterize her as an ambitious, driven and well-rounded professional.
    You can count on her to deliver that perfect piece of content. Anca always suggests innovative solutions to problems while keeping the most positive attitude.
    Her energy is absolutely contagious!
    I always found Anca very dependable. When working on the same projects, I could always trust her to make sure things she was in charge of were running smoothly.
    Anca's copywriting experience and marketing knowledge are valuable assets to help grow the successes of any organization she's a part of."
  • "Anca was a key part of our content strategy and also a valuable member of our content team. She did an excellent job and delivered on time both pillar pages and more SEO-heavy articles."
    Florin Cornianu
    123 Form Builder
  • “Anca is a fantastic content copywriter.
    During her time working with me, she was responsible for creating content for a very large and highly engaged audience.
    She performed the role with very positive outcomes and produced content that our Members thoroughly enjoyed reading!”
    James Baker
    The Collinson Group
  • “During her time with us at Schön! Magazine we found Anca to be a dedicated contributor to the magazine, confident and good in her research, writing and supporting skills.
    She remained enthusiastic and devoted to any task assigned to her whether it was exciting or more mundane. She was professional and hard-working at all times and her jovial disposition made her a good team member.
    All tasks given, Anca managed with innovative creativity.”
    Raoul Keil
    Schön! Magazine
  • “I have been struggling to find those perfect words to define both my business, and myself, until I found Anca.
    Magic happened, all surfaced into the light so quickly because of her professionalism!
    She completely understood my tone and ambition, and it was impressive how close her writing style was to my own voice!
    I have already recommended Anca to my friends and I hope to be able to work together with her soon.”
    Laura Trif
    Portrait Story

Yes, of course we’d love to discuss a new project with you. Just look at how excited Dora and I look!

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